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The Garden Club has many projects, events, lectures and presentations throughout the year.  The topics are varied and include education, community service, conservation, civic beautification, landscape design, horticulture, birding, botany, fundraising and social events.  All members are welcome and encourged to participate.


Garden Club members Carol DuPont and Claudia Kinder working with the residents of Equinox Terrance

Civic Beautification

Manachester Community LIbrary

Holiday decorations, B. Burke, C. Munson, P. Taylor and C. Smith

More photos

Flower Show 2018

Form and Function: A Tribute to Four American Architectural Landmarks


Garden Tour 2016

More photos

Garden Therapy

Flower Arranging with the residents of

Equinox Terrace

The Garden Club Book Club 
Annie Collins shares her love of vintage pies
Landscape Design

The Gardens of Paris -

Presentation by Dottie Ferone and Pat Barnett 

Botany Trail

@ the SVAC

Sue and Don Hinkel, foot bridge builders!

Floral Design
Presentation by Sue Bain
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