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New members to the Club are accepted year round.  First step is to print out our application and contact our membership chair email at  We welcome new members and hope you will consider joining the Garden Club!


There are three membership categories:


Active - members serve on committees, keep up-to-date with annual dues and must attend three regular meetings in the calendar year.

Associate - limited to members who have been active in the club for at least 10 years, associate members are not required to hold office or chair a committee, but can serve on a committee.  Associate members must attend two meetings during the calendar year and be current with annual dues. 

Honorary - limited to persons of distinction in the fields of horticulture, garden design, flower arrangement or allied subjects or those who have given outstanding service to the community.  There is no dues for honorary members.  


Yearly Dues


Dues are payable October 1 for the year.  Dues for active members for the current year is $35, associate $45. You can pay online or by check, more info

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