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Our Members at Work

Archivist: Susan Hinkel

Keeps up-to- date records of Club activities, honors and achievements; keeps a file of yearly programs, membership lists and a complete set of yearbooks. The Archivist is familiar with parliamentary procedure and is a resource for the presiding officer.

Awards: Rene Wilson

Prepares and submits applications for State, New England Regional and National Garden Club Awards in order that Club activities and members may receive the recognition they merit.

Birds: Martha Pfeiffer and Barbara Powers

Coordinates the Annual Bird Walk that takes place in spring where we identify species of birds during their spring migration with the assistance of our leaders and other community experts and to spot and identify wildflowers along the way. The walk is followed by breakfast and a program speaker.

Boswell Botany Trail: Carol Munson

Assists in the conservation and educational self-guided trail at the Southern Vermont Arts Center that was founded by Petey Boswell and maintained for many years by the Club.

Civic Beautification:

  • Manchester:  Susan Hinkel

  • Dorset: Claudia Kinder

    • Coordinates planting and maintaining baskets, boxes and planters in Manchester and Dorset during the summer months.

    • Garden Maintenance at the Manchester Town Green: Don Hinkel and Susan Hinkel - Schedules dates for clean-up and weeding at the Town Green. Maintains a pollinator garden at the Green.

  • Litter Pick-up: Barbara Powers -  Coordinates litter pick-up along River Road, Manchester twice a year.

  • Wreath Workshop: Susan Hinkel and Carmen Bodge - Coordinates workshop to decorate wreaths that are donated to local municipal buildings and churches during the holidays.

Flower Arrangements

  • Manchester Community Library:  Jane Davis & Jean Morris

  • Yester House at the SVAC TBD



  • Email Announcements: Lisa Welp - Provides program reminders, updates and bulletins via email blasts to the membership.

  • Publicity: Lisa Welp - Fosters community awareness of Club activities and to encourage community attendance at Club events open to the public through press releases to local newspapers and television.

  • Website and Facebook Coordinator: Barbara Shimaitis - Keeps members, constitutes and area community informed on Club community service activities, fundraising efforts and Club events.



Provides the membership with reviews of current and relevant issues in the area of conservation.

Fundraising: Carolyn Brogan

Flower Show 2023:  Lisa Welp

Garden Therapy at Equinox Terrace: Carol DuPont 

Assists residents making small floral arrangements with live material at monthly workshops.  Provides small arrangements for residents unable to attend.

Horticulture: Carol Berry, Robin Seitz

Acts as a clearing house for the exchange of gardening methods and seeks to identify plants which can be grown successful in our area.


Hospitality: Christina Nichols

Keeps a record of members who volunteer to bring refreshments to meetings and events.  Coordinates table coverings and beverages.

Membership:  Christina Ruggeri

Memorial Books: Cynthia McTaggart

Photography: Donna Davis

Makes a photographic documentation of all Club activities.

Plant Sale:  Carolyn Brogan, Anne MacLaurin & Becky Moore

Programs: Becky Burke

Develops an on-going roster of possible programs, presenters, day trips and events. Secures program presenters and reserves venues, negotiates fee structures. Prepares agreements for presenters and instructions for program coordinators.

Scholarship Program for Area High School Seniors: Carolyn Brogan

Coordinates application process with area high school guidance counselors. Sets a time table for applications deadline.  Appoints readers from the membership to review and rate applications. Attends Awards Ceremonies

Yearbook: Sally Ayrey

Prepares and distributes yearbook containing all pertinent information of Club structure and activities, programs, membership contact information, Constitution and By-laws and policies at the Annual Meeting.  This is a one person committee and Sally is it!!!

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