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The Southern Vermont Arts Center’s Boswell Botany Trail, a rambling, three-quarter mile nature trail dotted with rustic seats and benches, began its long career in 1917 as the nature walk of the original Webster estate. It was officially designated as the Boswell Botany Trail, in honor of its creator, Mrs. Harold “Petie” Boswell, in 1964. The trail was re-created and greatly expanded in 2001 thanks to funds from the Nichols Foundation and work of the Garden Club of Manchester, whose members maintain the trail currently. 


Today the trail has many varieties of wildflowers, trees and flora, and most of the 67 varieties of fern found in Vermont, all in a unique glacial microclimate. The trail is easily explored at a leisurely pace by most walkers in a half-hour or less. 

Ongoing work..... 2023

Trail maintenance on the Boswell Botany Trail at the Southern Vermont Arts Center took place on a very rainy May morning.

Stratton Mountain School volunteers hard at work building erosion diverting waterbars under the guidance of Rich and Martha Heilemann.

Rich Heilemann led the crew.

Photos from the day

Boswell 23 1.jpeg
Boswell 23 4.jpeg
Boswell 23 3.jpeg
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