Chez Benoit

444 Barnumville Road, Manchester Center

When the Nancy and Alan Benoit purchased this brick cottage in 2001, it was on an overgrown, steeply sloping site.  Nancy and Alan spent years designing and planting the perennial gardens and they continue to evolve. The hardscape is composed of stonewalls, fences, an arbor, outbuildings, paths and boardwalks and almost all are made from reclaimed materials. This is a jewel not to be missed.



Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home

1005 Hildene Road, Manchester

The Formal Garden at Hildene was designed by President Lincoln’s granddaughter in 1907. It is an American version of the European parterre resembling a stain glass window.  Throughout the summer and into the fall, the garden is alive with spectacular floral hues of myriad perennials.  The Cutting and Kitchen, Vegetable, Butterfly and Observation Gardens are a few of the 412 acre pollinator sanctuary.



MacLaurin Home

231 West Union Street, Manchester

Anthony MacLaurin, with encouragement from wife Anne, has developed a unique mixture of formal and informal plantings, specimen trees, conifers and shrubs at their house, Balquidder, named after the Scottish home village of the ancient MacLaurin clan.  The owners invite you to use any of the garden seats for your enjoyment.



Irvin-Ware Home

150 West Road, Manchester Village

In 2016 after the current owner purchased the1825 vintage home, Julane cleared all the land surrounding the house and south side of driveway to form a new garden.  With the addition of a deck and railings for various vines, clematis, trumpet vine and wisteria, she planted 36 rose bushes, indigenous plants and flowers. Julane is thrilled that “This year as the garden has matured and Mother Nature stepping up her game, the result of which has been great joy!!”



Southern Vermont  Arts Center (SVAC)

930 SVAC Drive/West Road, Manchester

SVAC’s campus includes the Stroup Family Sculpture Park and the Boswell Botany Trail, named after a Garden Club of Manchester member, Petey Boswell, who spearheaded its creation in the 1950s. Through the efforts of Garden Club of Manchester, the trail was refurbished in 2013 with added signage to identify the varieties of ferns and wildflowers along its paths.  Yester House and the Museum are open today Saturday 10 to 5pm and on Sunday 12 to 5pm.



Campe Garden

33 Nichols Hill Road, Dorset

Geoffry Campe’s garden began with a row of dahlias near a birch tree.  He decided to take a spray can and outline a free flowing outline of a busy, English like garden.  The garden is 95% perennials as you will see. He developed a sequential blooming garden throughout the summer. The result is a garden that has an element of mystery about it and it is constantly evolving.


The Gardens

126 Nichols Hill Road, Dorset

From 2008 to present, home owners Sydney and Heidi Stokes created English raised bed perennial gardens and over time added woodland, river and vegetable gardens. Plants of special interest include a variety of alliums and lilies, twenty plus types of astilbes and hostas, and several rare peonies.  Of special interest, don’t miss Heidi’s potting shed, a tribute to her organizational skills.


Manly Home

316 Church Street, Dorset

From 1965-1995 the Internationally known Prima Ballerina Marina Svetlova owned and ran the Svetlova Dance Center on Church Street in Dorset. Each summer she taught ballet and other forms of dance to local girls as well as girls from around the country.  Be sure to look for a display of memorabilia at the house!  From 1965-2006, the house basically stood unoccupied until the property was purchased by Kaye Manly and completely renovated.


Moreau Garden

133 Sargent’s Pass, Dorset

Situated amidst a 100 acre managed forest, the landscape design of Sargent’s Pass invites visitors to actively experience nature’s wildness, first hand.  The off-grid home was constructed in 2012 along a historic herding path originating at Sargent’s Dairy Farm in Rupert.  Today, it features a string of natural and cultivated destinations connected by meadow and woodland paths. 


Mc Burney Garden

5173 Route 30, Dorset

This lovely garden, which wraps around the home and the property perimeter, is the result of 20 plus years of planting by the owner.  Sloan’s love of plants, particularly those that have movement, texture, and contrast has led him to create various different gardens on his property.  The gardens flower from spring to summer starting with daffodils and Tulips and ending with grasses and fall blooming perennials.