Co-Presidents’ Message

The mission of a garden club is to promote civic responsibility in addition to education in, and love of, gardening and flowers.  It is time for members one and all to take a bow for helping meet our mission. 

It was another successful year of programs and events.  We heard informative speakers, including our own Martha Pfeiffer, who created not one but two presentations for us to enjoy. Our road trip and fundraiser to Martha Stewart’s (another Martha!) gardens in Katonah, New York will long be remembered.  Our All Things Gardening Plant Sale ably coordinated by Carol duPont and Claudia Kinder added funds to our coffers with the addition of merchandise sales, a raffle and bake sale.  And most recently, A Tribute to Four American Architectural Landmarks, also ably coordinated by Suzanne Hittle and Luanne Hardy, showcased 16 of our members in a stunning show at Equinox Village.

Working as a team has been wonderful.  Why, we even complete each other’s sentences!  But our successes are due to the team we have – a great board and loyal and true members.

Thank you one and all!  Your commitment knows no bounds and we are so grateful for your support.

Becky & Carol

Carol Munson and Becky Burke (rt)