BIRD TWEETS from Martha


The Red-bellied Woodpecker is a medium sized bird of the Eastern U.S. and was not frequently seen in Vermont until about 15 years ago.  He is a striking beauty with a bright red/orange head from beak to nape.  Don’t make the mistake of calling it a Red-Headed Woodpecker  which is mostly black on the back with a solid red head.  So where is the red belly you may ask?  It is seldom seen unless you are lucky enough to glimpse under the belly showing the blushy red color hince the name.  The female looks similar except the red on her head slopes down the nape but does not continue over the head to the beak.  As shown in my photo, they are attracted to feeders. I have included a link to the Audubon web site for more info.  

About Martha


Martha Pfeiffer lives in Dorset, Vt. and has been birding for 15 years in Vermont, The Abacos, and Costa Rica.  She does not travel to bird, she birds wherever she travels.   Her most helpful resources in bird identification are The Sibley Guide to Birds and from Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 

2016 Annual Bird Walk and Breakfast -- Our wonderful guides in addition to our very own Martha were Ruth Stewart of East Dorset and Randy Schmidt of the Vermont Bird Place in Manchester.

Some notable birds were spotted including Magnolia Warbler, Virginia Rail's song, Common Yellowthroat, Yellow Warbler, Common Merganser on the river.