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Save the Date: May 18, 2019–

For the Garden Club of Manchester, Inc.

PLANT SALE / Bake Sale / Garden Market

Planning Preparations are Underway!

Hi GCM Members,


The days are getting longer and warmer. I see daffodil and tulips bulbs starting to emerge when I am out walking. Now is the time to mark your calendar for digging plants and bringing them to our 2017 plant sale.


Carolyn Brogan (plants) and Ann MacLaurin (bake sale) would like to know what you are planning to dig up and what goodies you are baking for the sale. We want to make sure we have a sign for all the various types of plants that will be sold on May 18 from 9am to 1pm. We would also like to hear what you would like to buy at the plant sale. So, please send a list of those plants you are planning on digging and those plants you would like to buy,email your list to


Remember, we are asking that every club member dig/provide at least 5 potted, labeled, healthy plants this year.  If you would like to help someone dig and pot up plants, please let us know as well!

Plants should be dug and potted at least 5 days before the sale, to allow for conditioning. Drop off for plants is on Friday, May 17  and Saturday, May 19 at the Manchester Community Library.  (Note:  this is a new location for us, WE ARE NOT AT THE NORTHSHIRE SCHOOL)

Please start collecting cardboard and plastic gardening flats, as you begin planting your Spring garden as well. If you have garden tools, baskets, pots, and other lovely odds and ends for the garden, please put those aside and plan to bring them for our garden market. Thank you for making the 2019 Garden Sale a great success. Proceeds support our Civic Beautification projects.

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