The Garden Club has many projects, events, lectures and presentations throughout the year.  The topics are varied and include education, community service, conservation, civic beautification, landscape design, horticulture, birding, botany, fundraising and social events.  All members are welcome and encourged to participate.


2015 was a very busy year!  

Civic Beautification


Memorial Day Services in Dorset
Memorial Day Services in Dorset
Planters at the Library
Valentine's Day @ the Library
Dorset Town Office
Edited Image 2016-01-20 19-08-57

Garden Club members Carol DuPont and Claudia Kinder working with the residents of Equinox Terrance

Flower Show 2015

Alice’s World”, a Small Standard Flower Show 


Garden Therapy

Flower Arranging with the residents of

Equinox Terrace

Events and Meetings
Landscape Design
Merck Forest
Vintage Pies, Anne Collins
Botany Trail

@ the SVAC