BIRD TWEETS from Martha

Aug, 2017 Martha has provided these amazing photos 

Raising a Monarch Butterfly

Photo #1:  Monarch Caterpillar captured and placed inside a tall glass vase on Aug. 25th.
Photo #2:  Caterpillar hanging by a woven silk cord - beginning its metamorphosis on Aug 27th
Photo #3:  Aug 28th the chrysalis is formed.  Another 10 days and the adult butterfly will emerge. 

Sept 2017

It's a Boy...... After fourteen days inside its chrysalis, this Monarch butterfly emerged.  It is a male, shown by a pheromone spot on each wing.  He will migrate to Mexico.  On his way right now.

Monarch Butterfly


The Monarchs you see now are those which are migrating 3,000 miles, taking two months

to make the journey to a specific rain forest high in the mountains of Mexico where they spent the winter. They will not mate until early next Spring when they start their long journey back to the US.  When they reach  the South, it will take three generations of mating, laying eggs, pupating and emerging to finally arrive in Vermont/New England.  It is one of the great mysteries of our insect world.

About Martha


Martha Pfeiffer lives in Dorset, Vt. and has been birding for 15 years in Vermont, The Abacos, and Costa Rica.  She does not travel to bird, she birds wherever she travels.   Her most helpful resources in bird identification are The Sibley Guide to Birds and from Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 

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