At the Club's 2019 Annual Meeting on July 17th, Becky Burke and Carol Munson presented the 2019 Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont awards to the following Club members:

Yearbook Award to Co-Chairmen Sally Ayrey and Mary Schwartz for the 2018-19 Yearbook

Special Project Award for a club-wide event to Co-Chairmen Suzanne Hittle and Luanne Hardy for the June 2018 Small Standard Flower Show of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. – “Form and Function: A Tribute to Four American Architectural Landmarks”- Monticello, The Biltmore, The Great Camp Sagamore, and Fallingwater.

Golden Trowel Award to Joan Fee, a member since 1993, for her contribution as Hospitality Committee Chair and organizer of the Flower Arrangements at Yester House at the Southern Vermont Arts Center for 26 years, and as Treasurer for some 22 years.

Golden Trowel Award to Martha Pfeiffer, a member since 2009, for her contribution as organizer of our annual Bird Walk and Breakfast for the past nine years, as GCM program presenter on Costa Rican Wildlife, and for her ‘Bird Tweets” postings on the GCM website.

Landscape Award for a Business to the Manchester Community Library for its contribution to the intellectual, social, and aesthetic fiber of the community at large.  

Congratulations to all!!